My (Much) Bigger Vision

Someone once told me that by writing down my goals/dreams and visiting them often, chances are I can bring them to fruition.  That being said, following is my dream in a nutshell…

To toss aside my finance degree and head back to school to become an ultrasound technician specializing in fetal heart and chromosomal defects. 

There I said it, now what?  And why did I just hear myself say “Patience young grasshopper” in a voice that now has me reminiscing back to my Kung Fu days?


4 Responses to “My (Much) Bigger Vision”

  1. I will keep your dream in my prayers, encouraging you onward and upward always. I fully believe that we never, ever stop growing, not even during eternity.

  2. You are beautiful. And your strength amazes me. I love your spirit.

  3. Would love to stay in touch. God bless you Angela. Truly, deeply, completely.

  4. Yea! Angela, you go girl, now that it is said, you can begin to follow it!

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