About Me

My name is Angela Lambert, age 41, mother to a 4-year old and most recently a new face of stillbirth in Colorado.  This blog is simply serving as a way to connect with others who might share in my journey, a journey of compassion and healing, a journey in faith.


2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Dear Angela,

    You are a bright light on the planet and I am so grateful to have you in my life. The courage and Faith I witnessed from you during your time with Lily, from tiny bud to bloom, was extraordinary. You helped me become more alive by allowing me to be a part of your Faith, your hope, your pain and your loss. I will never regret the time we spent together. I regret we don’t have Lily in the physical, but we certainly carry her spirit with us every day…and she does live within us each time we share the memory of her tiny life in the safe space of her mother’s womb. This blog is one of the most beautiful tributes to her and to you. I love you like a friend, a daughter and a mentor.


  2. Angela, my dear sweet friend, I am heartbroken for this sudden news about the precious Lily Rose. We have shared so much that got you to the start of that journey………….your week with us in Hawaii in preparation for what we could not have expected. I will let Piper know. Perfectly, I am leading a group of women from my (non-birth related) fellowship to the sacred Birthing Stones on Wednesday. Pictures of all of us there (on Facebook) have attracted other women to want to go there for healing. We will place yours, your husbands, Alex’s and Lily Rose’s names into the requests for healing and we will leave grains of sand there for all of you. I am going Wednesday, Leap Day, a day of abundance and also a day I gave birth to a baby 28 years/or 7 years ago depending on how you count the time for those born on Leap Day. I will find a time I can call you uninterrupted. I consider you one of my most special friends! Aloha, Janis

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