Ashes to ashes…

To look fear in the face, just leave it to Alex.  Ashes are simply that… ashes, nothing to fear, right?  Well, I’ve never seen the ash remains of a dead person, up until recently that is.  “What’s this Mama?”  [Insert crickets chirping…]

I’m actually not an ash hoarder, had no intention of hanging onto Lily’s box for so long.  But now Alex’s curiosity is begging me to open that box.  Just how exactly does one explain ashes to a 4-year old again… baby into fire into ash?  Uggg, she’s so not going to get this and I so don’t want to open this!  Dad!!!

For once I find myself thankful for Alex’ short attention span.  No she didn’t get it but that didn’t stop her from taking ownership of Lily, moving the ashes to her room for “safekeeping.”

Nine months later and the question remains what to do with her ashes… a lily garden perhaps?


~ by zeekster55 on January 29, 2012.

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