Letter to Lily_January 25th

Seriously, sometimes you just have to laugh!  “Mom, can I take Lily’s ashes for show & tell?”  Alex is so proud of you Lily, as I am, hope you know that. 

Did you know Alexandra named you?  Well, she actually named you Lily Snowflake Lambert, but Dad and I spared you the Snowflake part.  The middle name Rose came about much later, though it was our original thought.  Other names got tossed around by family … Lily Kate Lambert, Lily Grace Lambert… yet silently I kept going back to Lily Rose.  Funny how that is, intuition maybe?  The day the screen went black is the day you were named.  Sometimes my mind takes me back to that day, the poor sonographer turning on the equipment to begin measuring your head and body.  All I could say was, “Please go to her heart, just go to her heart.”  I knew, Lily, just knew you were already in Heaven.  No beating heart, the off click of the equipment, a black screen before me, and a husband’s loving arms, that’s what I remember.

So I call your Great Aunt Susie to tell her the sad news and she asks me, “What middle name did you and Mike finally decide on for Lily?”  I told her we hadn’t, that Lily Rose was my choice but I didn’t want to rock the family boat.  “Lily Rose is perfect, Angie!”  And here, Sweet Lily, is the beautiful part of your story…

Aunt Susie has traveled the world as a flight attendant, that much I knew.  What I didn’t know (and doesn’t surprise me given her incredibly benevolent spirit) was that on occasion she visits cemeteries during layovers, a place of tranquility perhaps?  Anyway, it was on one of these visits years ago that she came across a small headstone in memory of a little girl named Lily Rose… Budded on Earth to Bloom in Heaven it read.  Strangely fitting and tender…  and I can’t help but wonder if you’ve met this little girl yet?

A name, Lily Rose Lambert, yet another gift from God.  Goodnight little one, I love you.



~ by zeekster55 on January 26, 2012.

One Response to “Letter to Lily_January 25th”

  1. so very precious are the comforts that God’s sends to us . . . one more testiomny to His great love and care when we are walking through difficult times.

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