A lesson in matrimony…

Wifedom doesn’t come easy for me (read as, my husband is so much better at this matrimony thing!).  In fact, I recently discovered I’ve got this whole parent/wife thing backwards!  According to Gary & Ann Marie Ezzo’s Growing Kids God’s Way, children should simply be extensions of a family, not the family.  (I know, what kind of mother puts her kid(s) before her husband, right?  Then let this blog serve as a confessional… I do!)  And I would think the same would hold true for the death of a child, that my husband should still rank #1 on my priority list, right?  Oh how I’m failing!

One of my nursing friends was recently talking with a patient, a 94-year old woman married 66 years prior to her husband’s passing.  When my friend asked her what the secret to marriage was, the woman sighed and smiled, “We never fell out of love at the same time.”  Now, I might be the only person on the planet to see truth in this, but her reply is how I’ve felt on several occasions since Lily’s death.  But herein lies a beautiful truth… my husband still loves me and continues to pour support, forgiveness, patience & humor into our marriage despite my being a sourpuss some days. 

My lesson in matrimony — There is so much joy that surfaces when I appreciate what God has given me… namely life, grace, forgiveness… but also my husband!   May I remember today that my life impacts others, that words are very powerful, to choose them carefully.  Thank you God for do-overs!


~ by zeekster55 on September 19, 2011.

One Response to “A lesson in matrimony…”

  1. That reminds me of a card I gave to you this last year, something about thanking you for being there when I lose it, and thank God we don’t both go insane at the same time! I love you babe. Mike.

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